The DOPA Model: Facilitating the Development of Human Factors in IT Project Management

The DOPA Model: Facilitating the Development of Human Factors in IT Project Management

Jonathan Adedayo Odukoya (Covenant University, Nigeria)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1279-1.ch003


Quality education is arguably the instrument par excellence for national development. Psychological assessment (PA) is an authentic means of monitoring progress and attainment of set goals. Virtually all over the world, teachers and students tend to dance to the tune of psychological assessment. PA tools are therefore potential devices for catalyzing quality education and development. The core objective of this study is to explore the potential of the development-oriented psychological assessment (DOPA) model in catalyzing quality education in IT project management training, thus enhancing the quality of human factor driving it. Documentary analysis design was adopted. The overriding inference drawn from the exploration is that consistent application of the DOPA model holds the potential of enhancing human factors that drive pragmatic IT project management and by extension national development.
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The Dopa Model

What possible model of testing can be adopted by Examining Boards to enhance quality education that could develop the human factors in fields like IT project management?

The DOPA model in Figure 1 seems the most plausible solution.

Figure 1.


Source: Odukoya, 2015

In the case of IT-PM, the first critical step in the implementation of the DOPA model is the astute assessment of the IT project management curricula in the light of the prevailing company and national needs. The needs will inform what should be reviewed in the curricula. Thereafter, the reviewed curricula is given wide circulation while a special task force is set up to enforce its implementation given that all necessary infrastructure is in place for the implementation of the curriculum. While the first three steps are being implemented, Psychometricians, in conjunction with IT-PM subject experts, shall concurrently commence work on the development and validation of the digital DOPA questions and tools. Concerted and consistent administration of the DOPA tools shall be made without compromise. With time, it is expected that the Trainers and IT-PM Students will naturally align to operating more at the higher levels of cognitive abilities which is apt to birth witty invention, productivity and national development.

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