The G4 Initiatives: Go Green Global Gear Up Initiatives

The G4 Initiatives: Go Green Global Gear Up Initiatives

Sudha Bhuvaneswari Kannan (Dr. G.R Damodaran College of Science, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2331-4.ch002
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The chapter of Go Green Global Gear Up(G4) Initiatives is an attempt towards bringing an awareness on the current environment crisis of global warming and how to overcome the effects of the various factors that induces this global warming and the initiatives that different industries or sectors have adopted to fight against global warming and make the world a greener place to dwell. The chapter also highlights on the technological development initiatives that gears up the go green buzz word and what are the different supports provided by the Government and other NGO's towards this initiative.
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Building A Greener Environment

There are quite a few reasons that have led to the real time demand for living a greener life that helps in building sustainability in terms of standard of life, economy and the sustainability of the earth that we live currently and for the future generations. Few things that necessitate a Green life and that need consideration are:

  • Global Green Initiative is all about sustainability of the earth that can make our earth habitable for the years to come.

  • This initiative is not only about the sustainability of the earth alone but also to improve the wellbeing of your kith and kin by using toxic free, organic products.

  • It is also an attempt towards behaving as a Green Consumer where people can not only avoid being toxic, but it also provides an opportunity where the consumption of certain products that are organic can thereby help in becoming environment friendly.

  • Involving yourself in this initiative is an attempt to be a socially responsible person who can bring about lifestyle changes for the betterment of our earth and our lives.

  • Going Green will also have a greater impact on the standard and economy of living which in turn will have a greater impact on the Global Economy.

  • This initiative is not about improving only the standard of your life also, but also an opportunity to help the local community by consuming the local produces that are cheaper and organic that does not affect our living environment.


Determinants Of The Green World

Innovations, Technologies, Population, Economy all make up the world today. People have started forgetting that what we sow today will be reaped by our future generations. There are a number of determinants to go green, but the actuality in implementing the concept mostly demands on the supply and demand factor.

The major determinants that demands for a green world are:

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