The Influence and Management of the Supply Chain Performance of Manufacturing SMEs in Aguascalientes

The Influence and Management of the Supply Chain Performance of Manufacturing SMEs in Aguascalientes

Gabriela Ortiz Delgadillo (Universidad Politécnica de Aguascalientes, Mexico), Octavio Hernández Castorena (Universidad Politécnica de Aguascalientes, Mexico), Ma. de Lourdes Yolanda Margain Fuentes (Universidad Politécnica de Aguascalientes, Mexico), and Francisco Javier Ornelas Zapata (Universidad Politécnica de Aguascalientes, Mexico)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-9779-9.ch010
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The results obtained in this research confirm that currently manufacturing for SMEs by the nature of its operational activities, the handling of Supply Chain Management (SCM), is significant in the performance of this type of organizations. Because of that, the answers of the business man were analyzed with the support of polls through a field work, finding that for them, is essential that the SCM considering its complexity and impact in the supply of material resources, which is significantly influence for the manufacturer SMEs to have a bigger performance. This research, of empiric origin,, and with support of the statistic software EQS where the structural equations have been used, permit conclude that the SCM is essential for the manufacturer SMEs performance. For the investigation the sample of 288 enterprises of the state Aguascalientes has been used, obtained between August and December 0f 2013, which contain from 11 to 250 workers.
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1. Introduction

Nowadays, enterprises like the Small and Medium enterprises (SMES), manufacturer create partnerships and networks leaning in the Supply Chain Management (SCM), where the handling and supply of the material resources in this type of organizations is an important activity to control (Dyer, Sung y Chu 1998). For that, the SCM because of its importance, relation and connection that is related with the supply, intends, with its management to be a key element to improve the performance of manufacturer enterprises (Dyer et al., 1998). In this sense, is important that business man, have special attention in the SCM in order to avoid failures that are related with the supply of material resources (Wisner, 2003). It is relevant to stand out that SCM is a group of activities that include the purchasing, manufacturing and delivering of the material resources on time (Mujuni & Zheng, 2010).

The SCM for manufacturer SMEs, imply to have information that involves the sourcing and each part involved with the supply of material resources, with the finality of having more efficiency through strategies implementation that allow the implicated in supply chain, having better participation and fulfillment of delivering of supplies (Wisner, 2003). Between factors of importance that are involved with supply is the transport service, in which through its participation, have the role of controlling the flow of material resources along the SCM (Morash & Clinton, 1997), essential activity that allows through proper logistical control avoid delivery delays and significantly improve the performance of just in time deliveries adding thus the proper management of material resources with staff in charge of the transport activity.

Considering that today for manufacturing SMEs, controlling the supply is vital for the development of enterprises, this research aims to analyze the impact of Supply Chain Management efficiency of these organizations, and in this sense, is convenient to deepen in the next question: The activity that is developed by SCM in the manufacturer SMEs permits these to obtain a better performance?

This research is formed, in the first part for the introduction and materials, in the second part the method and statistic analysis and finally, the results, conclusions and barriers.

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