The Marginalization and Exploitation of Women in Media Industry

The Marginalization and Exploitation of Women in Media Industry

Mirjana M. Tankosic (Faculty of Business Studies, Serbia), Ana V. Grbic (College of Social Work, Serbia) and Zilijeta Krivokapic (College of Applied Health Science Cuprija, Serbia)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9627-1.ch004
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The woman in media is still a face that symbolizes the field of popular culture and hypersexualized naked body, and it is most often presented in the media as a victim. In the last decade, the representation of women and the women`s movement in the media has managed to get some progress. In the media, we will not see Roma women, disabled women, we will not see poor women, because they are not topics that manage to sell media content. The only topic that sells newspapers is the topic of violence against women, first of all because it is a type of secondary victimization, where female identity through media content is again represented as ‘another', and through the identity of the victim. The dead or scorched female body and the continuum of violence satisfy the logic of market capital. The main areas that were highlighted in this research paper are the portrayal of women by the media, the marginalization of women in mass media, the image of women in media, the influence of media on the views of the gender, and the stereotypes of girls and women in the media.
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Social Aspect Of Media

Media activity is a conscious activity directed towards a specific goal, it takes place in natural and social conditions, uses certain resources and oriented towards some values and norms. This activity is predominantly creative, reproductive and conservative. In the structure of media and mass communications, the key place belongs to the meaning: the bearer or subject of an action attaches importance to his / her work (part). The subject is (not) aware of the meaning of his act (Banjanin, 2004). This meaning is directed towards another subject. That is why there is great responsibility on the media.

In a society, a person lives with what he has and what he wants to achieve. So we are talking about realized and unrealized values, interests, needs. These concepts influence the value orientation and the choice between social possibilities. In this respect, it can be said that the media play an enormous role.

Media Market

Information technology has caused a profound change in the economy, culture and politics. The way of life of an individual and the way of life of society has changed. Today, in every society, the importance and perspectives of the media, especially telecommunications, are discussed (Tankosic, 2013). There is agreement that the media has become an economic branch, to form a strong social and individual life, to influence the quality of the activities and the way of thinking of individuals and groups (Subotić, 2006).

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