The Organizational Structure of Advertising Agencies and New Directions

The Organizational Structure of Advertising Agencies and New Directions

Pinar Altiok Gürel (Beykent University, Turkey), Talat Firlar (Beykent University, Turkey) and Nursen Firlar (Gelisim University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-1793-1.ch082
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The acceleration of globalization caused transformations in the area of communication, as in many other areas, and innovations brought about by information technologies have diversified operation methods and management, as well as organizational understandings of business companies within the global competition environment. Evolving towards post-modern structuring, companies have gravitated to customer-oriented business management strategies, where companies see their customers and market environment from different angles while conducting their advertising activities. The mass marketing sense, which was effective for a long period of time, was gradually alienated, and particularly with the intense utilization of social media and digital environments, the understanding of personal marketing (which more quickly connects products with their target audiences) was adopted in order to influence customers, who now have a multitude of choices. This chapter focuses on introducing the new organizational structures of advertising agencies in the social media age.
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A Short View On The Functions Of Advertising Agencies, Agency Types And Structures

The concept of advertisement exists in our life; it has become a concept that has been identified with popular culture and it has consequently shaped the consumption patterns and fashioned the understandings of people in the information age. Regarded as a method of communication, advertisement is a communication type that conveys information and news, can create common feelings and thoughts and generates motivation for the formation of certain ideas, behaviors and purchasing patterns (Canpolat, 2012, p. 98). While a positive brand image is formed in the consumers' minds through advertisement, a connection is made between brands and the consumer with the aim of creating loyal customers. An advertising agency is a professional company that conducts its activities for the purpose of conducting and sustaining works, such as creating an advertising campaign, developing main sales theme, submitting advertisement tools to companies and publishing these advertisement tools (Mucuk, 2009, p. 230). Today, it is vital that advertising agencies highlight their original creative abilities while working towards the goal of increasing sales; this is their primary goal, as it is vital for business companies.

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