The Sky Is the Limit!

The Sky Is the Limit!

George Drivas (Doukas School, Greece), Chryssanthe Sotiriou (Doukas School, Greece), Helen Bonanou (Doukas School, Greece), Sofia Saliari (Doukas School, Greece), Michelle Balafouti (Doukas School, Greece) and Helen Tsevi (Doukas School, Greece)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-3053-4.ch006


Technology and particularly Cloud technology can definitely prove to be a powerful tool in linking the physical to the virtual world by allowing an escape and freedom from the two-dimensional world of paper-based teaching and learning. Balance is therefore achieved while educators and students access and create digital information on top of the physical world. Technology is everybody's favorite thus educators should definitely consider integrating them in their teaching in order to increase motivation. In the era of technology, access to on-line information is at the end of learners' and educators' fingertips. Simple but appealing electronic tools like mind maps, blogs, online quizzes or games, QR codes, digital educational platforms and infographics can boost inspiration, promote collaborative learning and make engagement more effective. This chapter will provide a theoretical background and showcase projects that exemplify the aspects highlighted here, each one from a different perspective.
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Applying Digital Competence And Personal Knowledge Management Processes

Digital Competence and Personal Knowledge Management are interlinked and feed into and from each other. Before any examination of how they influence the pedagogical landscape, we need to analyze their nature, their components and their implications.

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