The Sounds of Word Roots Represent Process Control Flowcharts

The Sounds of Word Roots Represent Process Control Flowcharts

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In this chapter, the authors introduce the basic deep semantics of Arabic word roots. Since a word root consists of multiple sounds and each sound represents a divine general process type, a word root represents a divine process control flowchart. There are different types of divine process control flow which will be discussed in this chapter.
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Process Weights And Divine Process Control

In Figure 11 of Chapter 1, the rows of Arabic sounds were listed in a certain order. As the added comments in the row header of Figure 1 below indicate, the order of the rows reflects the “weights” of the Divine general process types. Divine general process types are listed by weight order, heaviest to lightest in Figure 1. For example, Containment is heavier than Manifestation. The theoretical discussion of this subject is in our first peer-reviewed publication (Adi, 2007).

This system of process weights is based on our speculation about a sequence of fleeting Divine inspirations that we received and recorded in the past.

Figure 1.

Weights of Divine general process types


What happens with process weights in a word root? Most Arabic word roots consist of three sounds. Let’s look at the word root “لعق LOQ” (spoon). The following discussion is based on speculations about Divine inspirations that we received and recorded in the past.

Because of its lighter weight, the Divine general process represented by the sound L (Open Self Manifestation + Assignment) is faster, more agile, more mobile, and more nimble than the heavier Divine general processes represented by the sound O (Closed Self Containment) and the sound Q (Closed Group Containment). Therefore, God uses the lighter general process L to control the heavier general processes O and Q. This is similar to the controlling role which the lighter electrons play in chemical reactions where bonds between the heavier atoms nuclei (protons and neutrons) are formed.

In other words, sounds combined into a word root represent Divine general processes that control each other: A Divine process control flowchart. The weights of Divine general process types and control relationships between processes are determined by God. The whole subject matter consists of abstract concepts that have infinite meanings and are beyond the human mind.

Once again, we are building theories using speculations that are based on some Divine inspirations that we received over decades of research. Our conclusions are based on minimal partial information regarding the subject matter.

In Figure 2, the weight and speed of Divine general process types are illustrated through a pyramid. The heaviest processes are at the top of the pyramid because they also have the highest ranks in value and importance. However, the fastest and lightest processes are more efficient in process control, although they are outranked. Heavy processes are less mobile than light processes.

Figure 2.

Pyramid of weight and speed of Divine general process types


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