The Strategic Planning Process of Social Media Advertising in the Context of Integrated Marketing Communication

The Strategic Planning Process of Social Media Advertising in the Context of Integrated Marketing Communication

Füsun Topsümer (Ege University, Turkey) and Dincer Yarkin (Gediz University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8125-5.ch008
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With the rising number of Internet users and social media platforms, advertising found new source for flourishing. However, social media advertising contains different characteristics compared with conventional or mass media advertising. Social media advertising can provide peer-to-peer communication (instead of one-way communication as in mass media advertising). In the definition of advertising, we see that it is required to pay something for taking place in mass media, but in social media advertising, commonly there is no need for payment, if the right social networks are chosen. This chapter aims to evaluate the process of advertising planning in social media in the context of integrated marketing communication. This chapter contains detailed steps of advertising planning process in social media and comparison between planning process of mass media advertising.
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Main Steps Of Strategic Planning

Planning is a formalized procedure to produce an articulated result, in the form of an integrated system of decisions (Mintzberg, 1994, p. 12). But, strategic planning looks at the alternative courses of action that are open in the future, and when choices are made among the alternatives they become the basis for making current decisions (Steiner, 1979, p. 13).

According to Sorkin, Ferris and Hudak (1984), strategic planning consists of mainly seven steps:

  • Scanning Environment.

  • Select key issues.

  • Set mission statements or broad goals.

  • Develop goals, objectives, and strategies with respect to each issue.

  • Develop an implementation plan to carry out strategic actions.

  • Monitor, update, and scan.

According to Kaufmann and Jacobs (1987) in the first step, opportunities and threats are being assessed which will be base for step two and three. Strengths and weakness are developed inn step four, step two and three also supports the formulating strategies in step five and six. In step seven plan is being evaluated and determined for going forward or not.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Strategic Planning: Strategic planning is the process of answering these questions: Where you are? Where you want to be? How to get there?

Social Media Platforms: Sources of social media.

Blogs: An extension of newsgroups and Web bulletin boards.

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