The University System as a Mere Organized Conflict Environment

The University System as a Mere Organized Conflict Environment

Yusuf Abubakar (Sokoto State University, Nigeria) and Abubakar Mansur Danjeka (Federal College of Education, Nigeria)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0460-3.ch005
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The university system is an organized anarchy. It is a system that brings different components from different dimensions with different focus sometimes conflicting one another in one place, in order to achieve a particular goal. This paper examines the university as a system that comprises different faculties, departments and units managing different disciplines and courses/subjects. Chaos and complexity nature of university was examined and results show that each faculty and department is taking a different direction without caring about others, and in the same faculty there are different departments handling different courses. And lecturers are using different methods in the conduct of their lessons and researches, and all these struggles are made towards achieving university objectives. The challenges faced by university system and possible solutions to overcome those challenges were discussed.
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The University As A Social System

A social system is a bounded set of elements and activities that interact and constitute a Single social entity (Hoy & Miskel, 2008) a social system is a model of organization that possesses a distinctive total unity beyond its component parts, distinguished from its environment by a clearly defined boundary. It is subunits, elements, and subsystems that are at least interrelated within relatively stable patterns of social order. (Olsen, n.d) However, the University is a system social of interaction, it is an organized whole that comprised of interacting personalities bound together in an organic relationship. It could also be featured by an interdependent of parts, a clearly defined population, and different from the environment, a complex network of social relationships. Like any formal organization, University, call attention to both the planned and unplanned, the formal and informal aspects of organizational life. (Bush, 2003).

The following are some of the indicators that made a university to be a social system, they are derived from basic assumptions of the social system theory as stated by Hoy & Miskel (2008).

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