Theoretical Starting Points

Theoretical Starting Points

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Every research topic needs to be put in the context of existing theoretical background knowledge. To provide a full understanding of this book, this chapter provides brief insight into selected elementary background theories. Special attention is devoted to the concept of money, which is closely related to the critique of economic development in the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century. Rather than repeating basic economic theory, rhetoric used in the area of complementary economies from which the TB sprouts is introduced. After description of selected complementary economic systems and their relationship to TB, core values and concept of co-production, which are the rationale of any TB definitions, are uncovered. The context description should be comprehensive. Therefore, the additional insight into the issue of law and taxation, TB's societal function, and the role of information technologies is provided.
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To keep this book logical and consistent it was necessary to start from basics. This leads us from fundamental discourses about money and non-mainstream economic approaches, to complementary economies, and, proceeding from these premises, finally to Time Banks. This progression from basics of money and argumentation related ton complementary economic systems is basic root for understanding role and place of the TB in socio-economic context. Only after that the TB can be described more in detail. The socio-economic context will follow outlining and framing the TB. Some elemental economic theories directly related to contemporary market economy such as Adam Smiths definition of valuation are not mentioned. This is on purpose, because our aim is not to summarize theoretical economic background and defend and argue place of the TB on the face of Earth, rather we bring new points of view. We are aware that reader might expect the issue of TB to be explained in first chapters, but as it will be seen on following pages, it is not entirely possible. In fact, definition of the TB is one of objectives of this book and final answer is to be found only after all analyses in the discussion chapter towards the end of the book. Therefore, we kindly ask readers for patience considering the fact that consecutive order of chapters logically connects facts from various fields finally leading to answers on aim and objectives of this book.

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