Travel Politics Mirroring Anatolia, Asia Minor, and the Greek Islands

Travel Politics Mirroring Anatolia, Asia Minor, and the Greek Islands

Onur Kaya (Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, Turkey)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2391-8.ch013
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19th century,within the perspective of English and American writers' approach to Turkey and Greek Islands is significant for them about reflecting west's perspective on east.By the means of The Innocents Abroad,which American writer Mark Twain wrote as a result of his trip to Turkey, and A Tour Through Asia Minor and The Greek Islands reflecting Charles Wilkonson's impression on Anatolia and the Greek Islands, the ideological,political portrayal of region from the English and American perspectives in the 19th century will be analyzed.The orientalist theory,space and identiy concepts,socio-economic,historical conditions will be detailed.The perspectives of these western authors on 19th century Turkey and Greek Islands, their positive, negative approaches for the region, Turkish and Greek people,and the meanings these approaches reveal in both works will be emphasized.The study will reveal the way 19th century Turkey, the Greek Islands and people of the region are portrayed by these authors and representation of these lands in the frame of this ideological and political portrayal.
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The Ottoman empire, which ruled over a vast geographical area, attracted more people from abroad through the development of transportation facilities in the last century. Some of these visitors, as travel writers, passed through the Ottoman lands, dropped by many settlements,and interacted with many people. Noting their observations during their journeys, they presented many works, many of which related to travel literature. Coming from different parts of the world, these traveler writers, especially, the Western ones who visited Anatolia strectching within the vast lands of Ottoman Empire, presented works which reflected gaze of West on East and these writers’ Orientalist ideology about Ottoman lands, especially Anatolia and its people. American travel writer Mark Twain’s The Innocents Abroad which was published in 1869 and describes the places the author visited in Anatolia, and British travel writer Charles Wilkinson’s A Tour Through Asia Minor and the Greek Islands (1803) which tells about Wilkinson’s travels throughout Anatolia and the Greek Islands are significant works reflecting the socio-political approaches of the Unites States of America and the British Empire towards the Middle East, especially Anatolia, the Greek Islands and the people living in this geographical region in the 19th century. From this perspective, it is important to emphasize the approaches of the two authors’ countries to this geographical region, these authors’ approach to Anatolia, the way they reflect all these in their works and the political and ideological role of their literary works in the context of West’s approach to Wast.

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