Trust-Based SAODV Protocol with Intrusion Detection, Trust Management and Incentive Cooperation in MANETs

Trust-Based SAODV Protocol with Intrusion Detection, Trust Management and Incentive Cooperation in MANETs

Floriano De Rango (University of Calabria, Italy)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60960-505-6.ch015
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Distributed wireless systems present many security issues, and offering security preserving network resources is often a challenging effort. Offering security through only cryptography is not always a suitable solution if the high dynamic context of MANET is considered and the trust mechanism that reduces the computationally intensive number of security operations becomes strategic. In this work, a well-known routing protocol, called SAODV, has been considered. To improve its performance and offer more resilience to attack from malicious nodes authenticated by the network, some additional features are added. A preventive approach based on a cryptographic mechanism and a reactive approach to detect anomalous and malicious nodes are considered. An extension of SAODV offering an Intrusion Detection Mechanism (IDM) and a Trust-based Mechanism (TBM) to promote the collaboration of the cooperating nodes and penalize the selfish nodes are proposed. Simulation results were performed under a NS-2 simulator to show the effectiveness of our proposal compared with AODV and SAODV. Simulation parameters, such as Normalized Routing Overhead, Data Packet Delivery Ratio, average number of signatures and throughput of collaborating and malicious nodes, have been considered.
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In the literature many attacks (Wu et al., 2006) have been actuated in a MANET to produce Denial of Service (DoS). Regarding on-demand protocols, the route discovery phase can be a weak point of the protocol. For example, during the RREQ propagation a node can modify some fields of the packet in order to determine the selection of the path that goes through itself. In this section we briefly refer to some well-known secure routing protocol and then the attention will be focused on the Intrusion Detection Mechanism proposed in literature and the Trust Management policies.

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