Trust Related Technology Practices

Trust Related Technology Practices

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Trust related issues identified in the proposed ‘Trust and Technology’ model for B2B e-commerce can be addressed by deployment and effective implementation of relevant technologies. The implementation of these technologies would involve following a set of benchmark practices in respect of each technology. This chapter provides an analysis of the practices being followed by Indian companies using inter-organizational systems for B2B e-commerce.
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Deployment Of Technologies

A variety of technologies are available to address various technology-related trust issues namely security, authentication and authorization, confidentiality, non-repudiation, system performance and infrastructure, quality of web interface etc. in B2B e-commerce. Use of these technologies also helps in reassuring the trading partners regarding the reliability of the infrastructure. The list of technologies is ever increasing and seems endless and may change over time as new technologies emerge making some existing technologies obsolete. Some of the technologies that are commonly used for addressing the trust issues in e-commerce were identified in order to examine the levels of assurance maintained by the sample companies. These include: (a) anti-virus software solutions; (b) firewalls; (c) intrusion detection and prevention tools (IDS/IPS); (d) secure socket layer (SSL); (e) installing a virtual private network (VPN); (f) IPSec; (g) VLAN; (h) Public key Infrastructure (PKI) etc. It may be emphasized that mere deployment of such technologies shall not be adequate to build reasonable levels of assurance regarding each of technology-related trust issues. The best industry practices in this regard need to be followed in order to effectively implement these technologies. This will enhance the levels of assurance with regard to relevant technology-related trust issues that in turn may enhance the levels of trust in B2B e-commerce. (see Table 1)

Table 1.
Deployment of technologies
Technology DeployedPercentage
Anti Virus100%
Intrusion Detection/Prevention Solutions (IDS/IPS)49%
Virtual Private Network (VPN)75%
Secure Socket Layer (SSL)75%
IPSec technology14%
Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)44%
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)81%

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