Trustworthy Framework for Insider Attack Prevention and Detection

Trustworthy Framework for Insider Attack Prevention and Detection

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This chapter introduces a trustworthy cloud computing architecture that uses the security properties offered by a virtual machine monitor that enforces the principle of least privilege. These security properties are a strong building block to provide trustworthy cloud computing services to cloud consumers. This chapter briefly explained about a proposed system to prevent insider attacks in cloud environment from cloud consumer and cloud service provider perspectives. The proposed framework is initiating how virtual machines are providing the most reliable security materials of the cloud computing architecture. For cloud consumers, the proposed architecture allocates the well-built security materials of the reliable cloud computing services.
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This section describes the detailed information about the cloud infrastructure, which is considered for the proposed system. First, Cloud computing server is establishing the security critical software component. Secondly, in clearly they are describing to build a strong reliability cloud computing ecosystem of the architecture requirements. Finally, we discuss how these components and mechanisms come together to create a trusted virtualization environment and give an example scenario where this trusted environment is used to offer trustworthy cloud management operations.

Figure 1.

Cloud server components

(Liberal Rocha, F.E.,2015)

Tradition approaches is different from the components of the cloud server and distinct security related tasks are overseeing for every component. As early we are describing about the virtual machines monitor different for virtual machines are make sure to execute and share requirements of the same physical server is the virtualization layer. The Figure 1 shows the abstract view of the proposed framework. In the proposed architecture, in addition to those tasks, a virtual machine monitor or hypervisor (TrustVisor) is also the policy decision and enforcement point for memory access. In security basis, it is very tough about the management virtual machines in previous the whole memory space was assigned to the consumer’s virtual machine. In some situations, consumer’s virtual machines are directly connected with the hardware requirements it is responsible for the management virtual machines to produce the hardware drivers, virtual storage and network access.

To manage and monitor the virtual machines the present cloud architecture are utilizing the management virtual machines, for the sake of malicious insiders can assess to open in simple way and direct attack vector. In the architecture, we propose in this chapter, however, the privileges of the management virtual machines were reviewed, and the operations that allowed attacks on consumer’s data were moved to an isolated special- purpose virtual machine. This isolation implies that the virtual machines monitor must be compromised for an attacker to obtain access to the whole memory range. For consumer’s data, they are providing unique requirements for their operations of executing the securit y purposes for example launching and migrating a virtual machine. The cloud service provider should handle these operations very carefully because consumer virtual machines entire memory spaces are engaged to access. These virtual machines can have a reduced trusted computing base if they use solutions such as unikernels, e.g., Mirage OS and OSv. The execution of a single application to accept the development of the kernel.

To implement the single application for growing the kernels at the peak point of the virtual machine, that why we can easily minimize the computing reliability. It could be zero or more controlled by the more request because the consumer virtual machines is the final component. Dumbing down of the management virtual machines is the main distinction of the earlier approaches to minimize the advantage operations. It is main thing to maintain the best security to choose the suitable requirements to the uniqueness of the virtual machine. These servers are required to support trustworthy computing such as Intel’s Trusted eXecution Technology (TXT) (Greene, J.(2010)..

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