Ukrainian Legitimacy Equation: From Primary Target in Hybrid War to Prerequisite of Good Governance

Ukrainian Legitimacy Equation: From Primary Target in Hybrid War to Prerequisite of Good Governance

Hanna Bazhenova, Maksym Surzhynskyi
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 31
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2906-5.ch011
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This chapter is an attempt to frame a new perspective on the potent sources of external and internal challenges that Ukraine faces today. Hence, it aims to contribute to the outlined body of research in three ways. First, the chapter provides insight on the undervalued importance of legitimacy, explains its correlation with political inclusion, good governance, and sustainable economic development. Second, the authors also aim to identify hidden patterns of sociopolitical importance which are essential not just for Ukraine but for other countries as well. Those patterns are illustrative of a new era of geopolitics which involves fusing the latest tech innovations with political science in order to compete over internal political systems. Finally, the chapter is an attempt to determine if there are new potential approaches to improve the resilience of the DNA of Ukrainian democracy to contemporary threats and challenges. The authors try to combine theoretical findings with their practical implications in the form of feasible tools that can be used by interested stakeholders on the ground.
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Literature Review

Therefore, it is very important to understand legitimacy correctly as defining it tends to be complicated. This term is used in many different ways and with regard to very different situations (Alagappa, 1995; Barker, 2001; Beetham, 1991; Gilley, 2009; Lipset, 1959; Rigby & Fehér, 1982; Suchman, 1995). Legitimacy is also mistakenly confused with authority and credibility. Authority is “the power or right to give orders and enforce obedience”, “the power to influence others based on recognized knowledge or expertise” (Authority, 2011, p. 88), whereas credibility is defined as the quality or power to inspire belief (Credibility, 2003, p. 293).

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