Underground Cables Layout

Underground Cables Layout

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This chapter discusses the different ways of cables installation such as open wire, aerial cable, above-ground conduits, underground ducts and underwater (Submarine) cables. The chapter explains the precautions to protect cables from moisture, general drum handling, power cable Installation guide and after installation field tests
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3.1 Trefoil And Flat Formation Cables Layout

Two types of cable layouts formation usually used in practice are studied in this book:

  • 1.

    A trefoil arrangement of three single-core cables, where the cables are laid as at the corners of an equilateral triangle. In this formation two single-core cables are laid close together with one cable forming an upward, (Figure 1a).

  • 2.

    A flat arrangement of three single-core cables, where the three cables are laid in the same horizontal plane with the middle cable equidistant from two outer cables, Figure 1(b).

Figure 1.

Single-core cable layouts


There are a variety of ways to install power distribution cables. Each method ensures distribution of power with a unique degree of reliability, safety, economy, and quality for any specific set of conditions. These conditions include the electrical characteristics of the power system, the distance and terrain of distribution, and the expected mechanical and environmental conditions.

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