Understanding Urban Millennial Consumer Gratification for Branded Indian Web Series

Understanding Urban Millennial Consumer Gratification for Branded Indian Web Series

Hansa Nigam (Symbiosis International University, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-3150-0.ch009


The Indian millennial generation is increasingly demanding and consuming online video contents which form a considerable percentage of digital content. The current chapter sheds light on the factors which play a key role in the growing popularity of the Indian web series, a recent addition to the online video content, among the millennial generation. A study of the past literature draws a picture of the millennial generation, their inclination towards the Internet and their preferred form of content including the web series. It also, elaborates on the nine clusters identified by Rubin as a part of uses and gratification theory to understand the factors which draw the millennial to these web series. By the end of the chapter, the readers will have a deep understanding of the following - the gratification received by the millennial generation under the nine clusters identified by Rubin in reference to the Indian web series and the top four motivating factors behind the consumption of the Indian web series.
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Review Of Literature

The millennial generation also termed as digital natives, is the generation which has been born between 1982 and 2004 and has been brought up with digital technology (Strauss and Howe, 1991). They have had computers, laptops and the world-wide web at their disposal and hence, their media consumption patterns differ significantly from the previous generation. Adoption of new interfaces, operating systems, devices is easier for this generation due to their constant interaction with the continuously advancing technology.

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