Unsolicited Web Intrusions: Protecting Employers and Employees

Unsolicited Web Intrusions: Protecting Employers and Employees

Paulette S. Alexander (University of North Alabama, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-148-3.ch007


Many employees have job responsibilities which require Web and other Internet applications. Because of the availability of intrusive software and the existence of various motivations, employees are subjected to unsolicited pop-up windows, browser hijacking, unintended release of confidential information, and unwanted e-mail. These intrusions are a significant problem for employees and employers because they waste resources and create liability situations. Solutions examined include education of employees, standards of practice in the conduct of job-related Internet use, policies regarding Internet use for non-work-related purposes, and deployment of protective technologies. Constant attention to evolving threats and updating of the solutions is also essential to successful use of the Internet in the workplace.

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