Use of OSS by Local E-Administration: The French Situation

Use of OSS by Local E-Administration: The French Situation

Laurence Favier (University of Bourgogne (Dijon), France) and Joël Mekhantar (University Jules Verne of Picardie (Amiens), France)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-999-1.ch033
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This chapter deals with the integration of OSS in local and territorial e-administration and its relations with the state level in France. France includes both many local collectivities: (36,568 local collectivities) on four levels (local, departmental, regional, and central) and a centralized State. The policies defined in France and promoted by initiatives from the European Union are leading to the definition of a normative framework intended to promote interoperability between information systems, the use of free software and open standards, public-private partnerships, development of know-how and abilities. These policies are applicable to State agencies but are not required for local and regional collectives because of the constitutional principle of administrative freedom. The chapter shows how the integration of all administrative levels can be operated in an e-administration framework OSS based, often coexisting with proprietary software. The legal, political, and technical (III) frameworks of such integration are presented.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Local E-Administration: Local government oversight administered through online media.

Territorial E-Administration: Federal/national government oversight administered through online media.

Digital Right Management: Protection of online information.

Copyright: Right to exercise ownership and control over a particular item.

Public-Private Partnership (PPP): Cooperative agreements for public and private sector organizations to work together to achieve a common goal.

Interoperability: Ability for different computer systems at different administrative levels of government and in different regions to exchange information effectively.

French E-Administration: French national oversight administered through online media.

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