User Interface Design in Isolation from Underlying Code and Environment

User Interface Design in Isolation from Underlying Code and Environment

Izzat Alsmadi (University of Texas A&M, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-3422-8.ch022
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The success of any software application heavily depends on the success of its User Interface (UI) design. This is since users communicate with those applications through their UIs and they will build good or bad impressions based on how such UIs help them using the software. UI design evolves through the years to be more platform and even code independent. In addition, the design of an application user interface consumes a significant amount of time and resources. It is expected that not only the same UI design should be relatively easy to transfer from one platform to another, but even from one programming language release to another or even from one programming language to another. In this chapter, we conducted a thorough investigation to describe how UI design evolved through the years to be independent from the code, or any other environment element (e.g. operating system, browser, database, etc.).
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Platform-Independent Ui Design

The term “platform-independent” or “cross-platforms” have been very important marketing or selling themes for many software applications to show signs of robustness and flexibility. For example, Java, in comparison with C# considers its main distinguished different is being platform-independent where C# can only run within Windows environments whereas Java can run on Windows and many other environments (e.g. MAC, Unix, etc.). User Interface design contributes significantly to making one software application platform-independent or not. In some cases, UI can be platform-independent while optimized to work on one specific platform.

UI interfaces exist in different platform versions or forms. The same application can have a web browser version, Desktop version, console or terminal version and mobile version. There are two main important factors that justify the need to have a unified UI for the same software application on the different platforms:

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