User Perceptions About Online Personal Data Transmissibility

User Perceptions About Online Personal Data Transmissibility

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The usage of consumers' personal data is considered by companies as capable of creating immense value in terms of business. The rise of using social networks to access users' shared information, gathering, processing, and using it, has become a normal proceeding by companies. This data represents value to entities that use them to reduce research costs to develop new products, as well as transaction costs while increasing their marketing incomes. The objective of this study is to determine what feelings are related to sharing personal data online. The research questionnaire for this study was developed through a literature review, later shared on social networks, with 103 valid answers having been collected. Data analysis was performed using IBM SPSS Statistics and Excel programs. The results obtained allow us to understand what perceptions the population has regarding data sharing, suggesting that the individual perception of the transmissibility of personal data online is starting to be an area of interest for society since there is a greater awareness of the dangers online.
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The reason for this study stems from the fact that the chosen theme is current and of extreme relevance to the business world, since it is a Portuguese national objective to empower business structures to achieve the third pillar of the goals stipulated in the 2030 horizon (Innovative Europe). To this end, it is necessary to have a full digital transition, in which the user is proficient in the use of technology in his daily life and professional context, thus enabling him to be a full citizen of the 21st century (European Commission, 2021).

This study also allowed us to better understand the Portuguese modern society in this new digital age, and to understand the influence that digital technology has especially on the lives of young people in this country.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Data Sharing: Data sharing is the ability to make the same data available to one or many consumers. Nowadays, the ever-growing amount of data has become a strategic asset for any company. Sharing data - within your organization or externally - is an enabling technology for new business opportunities.

Online Privacy: Online privacy is the level of privacy protection an individual has while connected to the Internet. It covers the amount of online security available for personal and financial data, communications, and preferences.

Social media: Social media refers to digital platforms and tools that allow users to create, share, and exchange content, opinions, and information with others. Social media platforms enable users to connect with each other and engage in online communication, which can include text, images, videos, and other types of multimedia.

Internet Security: Internet security is a term that describes security for activities and transactions made over the internet. It’s a particular component of the larger ideas of cybersecurity and computer security, involving topics including browser security, online behavior, and network security.

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