Using DEMATEL to Build Decision Model of Online Reputation Management for Improving the Services of Marketing

Using DEMATEL to Build Decision Model of Online Reputation Management for Improving the Services of Marketing

Ashutosh Yadav (ABV-Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, India), Anil Kumar (ABV-Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, India) and Manoj Kumar Dash (ABV-Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8808-7.ch006
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Online Reputation Management (ORM) is very important factor for any company in online retail industry but very little amount of work has been done by the researchers in this context. Taking into consideration online reputation, reputation management, online communication, social aspect, online ranking, incentives and post purchase service, this study utilised DEMATEL (Decision-Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory) build an Influence Network Relation Map (INRM) model of these Online Reputation Management's factors for improving the online services of marketing. Data is collected through structured questionnaire by survey of experts. The results showed that online reputation is the most important factors followed by reputation management and social aspect is least important according given experts' opinions. The study also found out the impact within the factors and divided all factors into two groups i.e. cause group and effect group. The output of the study can help online retailers to make their online marketing strategies more effective to target and segmentation their customers.
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Retail markets in India are rapidly growing. In India, approx 205 million internet users were in November 2013 and growing with a great pace continuously. At the rate of 40 percent, Broadband connectivity is growing. India’s retail market is of estimated $470billion in 2011 and experts expect that retail market will grow by $675billion by 2016 and $850billion by 2020. Forrester’s report says that online shopping market will grow by more than 57 percent during 2012 to 2020 in India. There is a huge opportunity in online retail. India’s position in world is at third largest in Online Shopping Market only after US and China. The growth rate is higher than any other countries. Indian online retail market was worth $2.5billion in 2011, $14 billion in 2012 and expected to grow to $2.4billion by 2015. India’s e-Commerce Growth rate is more than 30 percent. If we discuss about global, it is just 6-7 percent. As per the census 2011 the population of India is over 1.21 billion people and that is why it is second most populous country in world .It is also projected that by 2025 it will surpassing China as now India contains 17.5 percent of the world’s population. In the year 2010 India’s, ranking is 102nd in the world with population growth rate is 1.41 percent. In 2000 India’s population had reached billion marks. India has 17.5 percent of world’s population but it occupies only 2.8 percent of world’s land. About 72.2 percent of Indian population lived in villages and rest of them in towns and urban areas as per 2011 census. Population of India is two hundred million more than that of whole continent of Africa; it is projected that by the year 2025 Africa will beat India as well as China because its population increases in nearly double that of India’s. In India people’s under the age of 25 are more than half of the population and more than 65 percent are less than age of 35. The normal age of India will be 29 in 2020 if we compare it with the 37 for China; Dependency ratio should be more than 0.4 by 2030.

The facility and easily availability of internet and IT, information and knowledge about the product is not a big task. Advancement in the technology is coming in every single minute. Technology is changing very speedily. Purchasing pattern, influencing criteria, demand and supply understanding all these characteristics of customer will lead into growth in e-commerce business (Kim and Kim, 2004). Awareness of Consumers is increased due to internet and IT and they have lot many options for purchasing online. For any e-sellers to make a customer purchase, connect, and create a need is more important. The life becomes more simple and fast due to internet. E-business has made very easy and fast for the consumer to buy and trade online. Just because of internet new ways and opportunities comes for promotion of online market. To do online selling and purchasing website takes main impact on the buyer. By this only competition between the e-seller becomes increased due to which they all are thinking of new ideas for promotion and marketing of their product.

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