BM_Virtual Enterprise: A Model for Dynamics and Virtuality

BM_Virtual Enterprise: A Model for Dynamics and Virtuality

Goran D. Putnik (University of Minho, Portugal), Maria M. Cunha (Polytechnic Institute of Cavado and Ave, Portugal), Rui Sousa (University of Minho, Portugal) and Paulo Avila (Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-405-7.ch006
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BM_virtual enterprise (BM_VE) is a virtual enterprise (VE) in a total or partial conformance with the BM_virtual enterprise architecture reference model (BM_VEARM). BM_VE is a kind of VE characterized as a dynamically reconfigurable network integrated over the global domain, satisfying the requirements for integrability, distributivity, agility, and virtuality as competitiveness factors. BM_VE uses three main mechanisms, or tools: market of resources, broker, and virtuality. This chapter presents the three fundamental mechanisms for the VE reconfiguration dynamics and virtuality; introduces the basic concept of the BM_VEARM, which serves as the conceptual and formal base for building BM_VE instances; shows the formal specification and theory of the structural aspects of the BM_VE as well as some aspects of the BM_VE reconfiguration dynamics; presents the BM_VE as an agile/virtual enterprise (A/VE); and finally, describes some important consequences of virtuality in BM_VE, i.e., that the BM_VE structure is hierarchical, a new definition of the VE (in which the network as the VE characteristic is irrelevant from the operational unit’s point of view), and the process of a “traditional” enterprise virtualization.

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