Virtual Informatics Museum

Virtual Informatics Museum

José Maria Fernandes de Almeida (University of Minho, Portugal)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-885-7.ch236
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The only virtual informatics museum (VIM) existing in Portugal was conceived over personal memoirs and a long investigation and research work. The first publication by VIM was done over the first trimester of 1997 in Terravista, a site created by the Ministry of Science and Technology (Ministério da Ciência e Tecnologia - MCT). On its first version, available in the Terravista Project, the contents were not chronologically ordered.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Museum: Place where objects are stored and exhibited to the public.

Virtual: Images of real places and objects.

Informatics Virtual Museum: As the gate to the virtual museum is electronic, a computer and an Internet account serve as your entrance ticket and transportation. For the informatics virtual museum (Museu Virtual de Informática), the Internet site is, which means it is placed in Portugal, at the Information Systems Department of Minho University.

Virtual Organization in Net: Image of a real entity which has net structure that can be accessed through a data communication net.

Memory: Persona ability to remember facts, events and things.

Systems: Set of parts that together contribute to a purpose.

Informatics: Science of rational treatment of information by automatic means, considered a support of knowledge and communications in the technical, economical and social areas.

Virtual Museum: Organized collection of electronic artefacts and information resources—virtually anything that can be digitized. This collection may include paintings, drawings, photographs, diagrams, graphs, recordings, video segments, newspaper articles and transcripts of interviews, numerical databases and can also host other items which can be saved on its file server. It may also offer references to relevant resources for the museum around the world.

History: Description of a series of events that took place in a time/place referential.

Net: System of connections where you can navigate, namely in seek of information.

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