Virtual Machine Placement in IaaS Cloud

Virtual Machine Placement in IaaS Cloud

Prateek Khandelwal (BITS – Pilani, India) and Gaurav Somani (Central University of Rajasthan, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0759-8.ch007


A crucial component of providing services over virtual machines to users is how the provider places those virtual machines on physical servers. While one strategy can offer an increased performance for the virtual machine, and hence customer satisfaction, another can offer increased savings for the cloud operator. Both have their trade-offs. Also, with increasing costs of electricity, and given the fact that the major component of the operational cost of a data center is that of powering it, green strategies also offer an attractive alternative. In this chapter, the authors will look into what kind of different placement strategies have been developed, and the kind of advantages they purport to offer.
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Costs In A Cloud

Setting up a data center is a capital intensive undertaking, as there are a lot costs involved including the cost of procuring the infrastructure, both technological and real-estate, and the costs associated with running a data center, which include the costs for electricity for cooling purposes and powering the servers and network components, and the costs for human resource required to ensure an efficient running of the systems.

Also, since a cloud provider is offering the cloud service commercially, there is also an angle of performance guarantees (called SLA, or, Service Level Agreement), and the associated penalties, involved.

From the perspective of VM Placement algorithms, we would like to take into account some of these costs to as to make placement decisions that are frugal on one or more of these costs. Any Virtual Machine placement strategy tries to optimize either one or more of these costs. The costs that one chooses to save on varies from case to case, as we shall see in the following sections. A general structure of data center is provided in Figure 1

Figure 1.

General structure of a data center

These costs can be divided into the following broad categories:

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