Visual Design

Visual Design

John DiMarco (St. John’s University, USA)
Copyright: © 2006 |Pages: 27
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-854-3.ch004


This chapter explores visual design and the methods used to develop Web site storyboards and screen creation. This process is a critical step in the Web portfolio design process because it enables visual persuasion and allows for a cohesive composition throughout the product. Many Web portfolio sites are poorly designed visually. The reasons surrounding this are too many to be discussed fully in this text. However, we will take a proactive approach and explain the qualities that are important in good visual design of Web pages. In addition, we will look at some bad Web portfolio design attributes to get a sense of what is not quite effective when it comes to visual persuasion. The notion of bad design is subjective, but also, design has objective, measurable attributes that lead to visual quality. Many bad designs come from non-art and non-visual disciplines. Technology experts may be poor designers because they focus too much on technology bells and whistles and less on the user. However, design is emergent and eventually everyone can get better with practice and exposure to design. I hope this chapter will act as a catalyst for people who already have a Web portfolio to assess the quality of their design. I would like the new readers to begin to build good habits in their actions as visual and communication designers. Regardless of discipline, when you create a Web portfolio you become a designer. You are developing an information product that serves to solve a communication problem. Therefore, you are playing the role of information designer, communication designer, and graphic designer. These are roles which you must take seriously because they affect persuasion and appearance. Making your Web portfolio site look good is as important as feeling good about it, because if it looks good and you feel good about it, you’ll tell people about it. Remember, the goal of the Web portfolio is to promote you and your accomplishments, so looks count.

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