Web-Based Information Systems in Construction Industry: A Case Study for Healthcare Projects

Web-Based Information Systems in Construction Industry: A Case Study for Healthcare Projects

Alaa Abdou (United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), UAE), John Lewis (University of Liverpool, UK), Moh’d A. Radaideh (HR General Directorate, UAE) and Sameera Al Zarooni (United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), UAE)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-993-9.ch099


This paper describes the development and construction of a Web-based system for the appraisal stage of public healthcare construction projects in the United Arab Emirates. The system is implemented on the World Wide Web. PHP and MySQL were selected as the scripting language and database management system to build this system prototype. Its main objectives focus on assisting decision-makers in examining different function program alternatives and their associated conceptual budgets. In addition, the system facilitates reflecting uncertainty and risk factors associated with healthcare space programming into cost estimating and forecasting processes.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Hyper (Integrated) DSS: A computer system that integrates two or more types of programs or decision support systems in order to solve a particular problem.

Intelligent Decision Support Systems: A type of decision support system that includes one or more artificial intelligence components such as expert systems, intelligent agents, or artificial neural networks and are thus designed to employ reasoning based on expertise or case-based knowledge in order to solve complex problems

Risk Management: A form of decision-making technique that involves identification and assessment of possible risk events, then generating a response plan to reduce and/or control these risks to an acceptable level.

Architectural Space Programming: The architect’s first task and often the most important one. Its main objective is to determine the internal space required for the building in order for it to function properly.

Construction Industry: The industry associated with designing, executing, and maintaining buildings or infrastructure projects.

Decision Support System (DSS): A computerbased system that combines models and data with the aim of assisting individual or group decision-makers in solving unstructured and semi-structured problems through an interactive user interface.

Ad Hoc Decision Support System: A decision support system that deals with a specific problem and is typically developed for one-time use.

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