Web-Based Training for the Network Marketing Industry

Web-Based Training for the Network Marketing Industry

Janet M. Hugli (University of Ottawa, Canada) and David Wright (University of Ottawa, Canada)
Copyright: © 2000 |Pages: 28
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-878289-80-3.ch016


The Internet is radically changing the way we do business and in the ways we deliver information and training. Companies must use effective methods for distributing information and training materials in a timely manner to ensure their competitive edge. With globalization, dispersed workforces, remote management and an ever increasing information glut, ensuring that employees are properly trained to represent the company and the industry to which they belong becomes on ongoing challenge, if not a nightmare. One industry that is particularly vulnerable to the challenge of providing consistent, high-quality training, is the Network Marketing Industry. This chapter will look at the Network Marketing Industry training requirements in light of the industry needs and available training sources. An assessment of the fit for the inclusion of Web-Based Training (WBT) as a support tool will be made. A global overview of the potential market sizing will be reviewed with a look at future trends and opportunities. The objective of this chapter is to determine the potential fit of WBT for the Network Marketing Industry. More specifically, this chapter will: • Define the training requirements at each stage in the network marketing discovery process. • Compare the current methods being used to offer training. • Highlight deficiencies/opportunities with the current training systems. • Suggest a role for WBT in the Network Marketing Industry. • Calculate the potential market size within the industry. • Highlight the challenges for using WBT in the Network Marketing Industry. • Identify the benefits of WBT for the Network Marketing industry.

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