Web Sites and the Law: An Avenue for Localization

Web Sites and the Law: An Avenue for Localization

K. Kelly (Texas State University, USA) and J. Jones (University of the Incarnate Word, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-213-8.ch013


By adhering to cultural expectations, a Web site can build ethos with an intercultural audience. Those who create successful intercultural Web sites and Web site content must understand the laws and legal systems of the target country to create Web sites that the target audience will view as trustworthy. Laws create certain expectations in audiences, and when a seller violates such laws or even appears to violate such laws, it can create a loss of consumer confidence. This chapter examines certain legal and cultural issues that will instantly brand a Web site as unreliable, because part of developing a successful international Internet business is developing an ethos that potential customers can trust. The ideas and opinions presented here should be viewed as a means for raising awareness of diverse legal cultures and reduce the need to make costly changes as a result of legal advice given outside of an appropriate cultural context.

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