What Went Wrong?

What Went Wrong?

Bhavna Bhalla
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-4357-4.ch002
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This case is about the interaction that takes place between Chetan and Bhagat. Chetan is a freelance trainer who grooms the corporate trainees on various aspects of communication and soft skills. He also takes sessions on successful interview strategy and selection criterion for the post of market representative. Bhagat, one of his acquaintances, needs feedback for the interview that he just appeared for. During the conversation he puts forward what he did during the day to understand the nitty-gritties of the interview. The context of this conversation is to understand where Bhagat faltered. The scope of discussion covers the flow from preparation to execution to be successful in any interview.
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Bhagat’S Story

On meeting Chetan, Bhagat narrated the entire sequence of events which occurred when he appeared for the interview that morning. He told Chetan that he received this interview call from “Princetech Media” the day before. The Recruitment Head of the organization told him about the three levels of the interview–the first level will screen his candidature, the second level will grill him further (his performance at this level will determine his selection), and the third level will finalize his selection or cancellation. The recruitment head also told Bharat that they are looking for a candidate who possesses good communication skills, is creative, is an effective team player, and is willing to devote more time for official chores beyond the usual office hours. Since this was an unexpected call which he had less time to prepare for he got very anxious and lost focus after the call. This morning when he got up, he found no water or electricity which further enhanced his anxiety. That was a bad thing to start the day with, he thought. Gradually when he brought himself back to his senses, he found that his CV is not updated. He updated it, but then the problem was having its updated version’s print-out. Another problem hit him. The interview was scheduled to start at 10:00 am which he managed to reach and hence appeared on time. However, after the third level of interview, he was feeling very exhausted and in that exhaustion did not greet the panel members while leaving the board room. Also, he thought that since the interviewers were very casual and open that they would not mind his actions. However, now upon introspection of what happened during the day, he was not able to judge his own performance and found himself too low. He wanted to know about his mistakes that may have hampered his performance. Chetan was listening to him patiently till now. Once Bhagat was through with his talk, Chetan thought of asking some questions to have better idea about how the day went by for him.

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