Woman Representation in Turkish Detective Series: Şahsiyet

Woman Representation in Turkish Detective Series: Şahsiyet

Armoni Bayar (Independent Researcher, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1774-1.ch016


In Turkish series, the audience watches so many representations of women. It is always so clear that woman has some trouble during her life especially if she works somewhere. And if she is a police officer, these troubles get more and more. She works in a very stressful place and has really hard times. The scope of the study is to examine woman representation in Şahsiyet mini internet series. In this study, the woman commissioner Nevra who is a character in Şahsiyet series, which was presented to the audience over the internet in 2018, was examined with the qualitative content analysis.
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In the detective series and films, where the main characters are mostly male characters, it is seen that women are often co-starring and in a commanding position. The main characters that govern and form the team are male characters. Female characters mostly do not play a major role in detective series and films. This is also reflected in genre cinema because the roles assigned to women in society are often confined to household chores and the traditional position of women is seen as a kitchen. With the attitude shown to women in detective films and TV series, women remained secondary and suffered psychological pressure. It is reflected that the woman is not suitable for this career. It is frequently encountered in male detective films and TV series that they deal with the incident and solve it, but it is common for female characters to deal with the psychological pressure they are exposed to. This problem, which is quite common throughout the world, is also found in Turkish detective films and TV series. Within the scope of this problem, the Şahsiyet mini-series published on the internet in 2018 will be discussed and the situations faced by the female police Nevra character due to their profession will be transferred through the series. It is aimed to explain women's representation in detective series by transferring the difficulties experienced due to gender. Accordingly, content analysis will be conducted in this study.

Turkish series sector is growing, developing and even sold abroad. Turkish series have a wide audience and they have a wide range of TV and internet. One of the striking issues in Turkish TV series is women. When we look at these series, we generally see that women are given melodramatically in the position of one who is waiting for the man. This weeping, passive, powerless woman character is often seen in love series. Despite the recent years, this stance of woman characters has not changed much in scenarios. The patriarchal structure in the series is not demolished. On the contrary, the audience still sees the violence of women in the series. By these series, a lot of messages are given to the audience about genders. In this study, the scenarios which are mostly shaped by and also a mirror of society are discussed, the concepts of sex and gender, society and woman, genre movies and the place of the women in genre movies are explained, and the character of Nevra in the Şahsiyet internet series is examined with qualitative content analysis in all episodes. In conclusion, findings of the study are explained and the role of the woman in society emerged.

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