Women Entrepreneurship: A Journey Begins

Women Entrepreneurship: A Journey Begins

Prachita A. Patil (Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology Nagpur, India) and Yogesh M. Deshpande (Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology Nagpur, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7479-8.ch006
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According to the National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO), not more than 14% of business establishments are run by female entrepreneurs in India, especially in rural areas. Entrepreneurship is not an easy step for women. It was traditionally considered as a man's bastion, but now with the due course of time, women are coming in the limelight to fulfil their aspiration as it is a fruitful opportunity where educated or illiterates can do wonders to achieve their dreams. Entrepreneurship is the state of mind which every woman has in her but has not been capitalized in India in a way it should have been. With the drastic change in modernization, people are more comfortable to accept the leading role of women in society, with some exceptions.
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Women Entrepreneurship: An Indian Context

Women empowerment is vital to India’s development — PM Narendra Modi.(Global Entrepreneurship Summit, 2017)

Key Terms in this Chapter

Leadership Style: Leadership style is described as the way to influence other people where a person can work with the support of others, to accomplish and achieve a common task and a way to guide others with proper coordination and control.

Entrepreneurial Growth: The term entrepreneurial growth means organization plans to achieve its objective to grow and expand a business by its quality, quantity, and turnover. Entrepreneurial growth can be in terms of innovators, business developers, radicals, expanders, customers etc. An entrepreneur who undertakes the risks, and effort to grow the business will certainly have entrepreneurial growth whereas the person who is not willing fails to achieve objectives.

Government Programmes & Scheme: These Government programmes and schemes are designed in order to promote and enhance women entrepreneurs to uplift their skills. These programmes help women to provide moral and financial support for completing their hobbies and pursue their desires.

Push Factors: Push motivational factors are the factor where people are naturally pushed to do something with instability, discomfort zone and accidentally take a step which pushes them to be an entrepreneur.

Women Empowerment: Women empowerment is the process where women collaborate and recreate to complete their task. It is the process where women gather to unite and occupy a self-independency by doing certain activities which were previously denied and failed to achieve the same.

Motivational factors: The Term Motivation defines that individuals are attracted into entrepreneurship for their self –enhancement, growth, independence, and fulfillment of ambitions and goals and to earn prosperous income. It is the key where people are motivated to earn profit, self-independence and to pursue their dreams.

Pull Factors: Pull motivation is a positive sign and vice versa of push factor. People are pulled out of their job, superiority or work to enhance their potential, fulfill their desires, ambitions, and dreams in order to build a perfect future.

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