Women in Leadership From the Perspective of a Chinese-American Professional

Women in Leadership From the Perspective of a Chinese-American Professional

Sherry Cheng (St. John's University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9163-4.ch008
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The purpose of the chapter is to introduce changing roles of women over time, both in the settings of household and professional settings. As analyzed through the perspective of a Chinese-American professional, the chapter is to illustrate the challenges faced by women globally but also from Asian-American women in particular. In this chapter, the concerns of professional women have not only concerned women in general, but also minority women, especially in the United States. The questions of minority women in the workplace have raised critical concerns of professional integration and assimilation. In other words, minority women in general have struggled to seek professional careers with upward mobility. The question of how minority women choose careers and seek stability within their work places are being asked and explored within the current literature. The current literature explores how our psychological has and sociological changes in the society have affected how women understand their places and positions in their workplaces.
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The definition of psychology as a whole is to comprise the societal contextual framework of analyzing how individuals have changed, talking directly to their behaviors, thoughts and visions. The research extends to child development and parenting, which eventually circles to the social issues of professional women in their work places. This specifically leads to the development of Psychology of Women or Feminist Psychology. The question is how women have changed professionally in relation to their places and positions in the societies around the world.

The field of psychology comprises a broader understanding of women in regard to shift in roles, especially for the American Psychological Association Division 35 or the Psychology of Women. The Psychology of Women comprises scholars and practitioners who have continuously sought to understand and investigate roles of women in relation to sociological and economic changes. The underlying basis of research in feminist psychology is to gain an understanding of how women play roles in this society to support societal developments. At the same time, challenges and obstacles are underlined to emphasize the factors of personal and professional goals.

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