Working With New Media on Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns

Working With New Media on Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns

Sevilay Ulaş
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3201-0.ch018
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The reflections of recent developments in information communication technologies are seen in communication environments. The dramatic rise of new media vehicles is a remarkable point. New media applications are seen in daily life as well as in the process of corporate communication. At this point, it is important to note that corporations cannot be considered separate from their social environments and that they have a responsibility for their society. The social responsibility practices that play an important role in the shareholder communication, which is a part of corporate communication are noteworthy. At this point, the choice of communication means is of great importance in delivering the messages of social responsibility campaigns and creating the desired awareness. It is seen that new media tools and environments are preferred for transmitting the messages of these campaigns. According to this study, it can be seen that social media can be accepted as an effective and efficient communication channels on processing of corporate social responsibility.
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It can be said that the recent changes in information and communication technologies brought the concept of new media to the world of communication. In this sense, it has emerged as a communication process, which has been discussed and which has maintained its popularity in the last period. New media, in its most general and simple form, can be defined as a communication process that starts with the presence of computers and the internet with the use of the public and continues to the present day.

With the existence of new media, of course, the traditional media has not worn out. However, the concept of “new” is an element that needs to be emphasized. As it will take place in the literature of the study, it is important to define the concept and change the direction and quality of the new communication process of the new media. At this point, in order to better understand the concept and process, it is of special importance to examine and compare traditional media/analogue communication and new media / digital communication concepts.

It is possible to see this new process, these new media tools and environments, which comprise different communication tools and environments by nature in every communication process. In addition to personal use practices, it also continues to exist in the public relations process. At this point, umbrella, which accommodates many different communication environments in media tools and environments, can be positioned as a communication process. This new communication process manifests itself in different ways in almost every field.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects that play an important role in public relations activities can be said to be the key component of this activity. Today, strategic corporate social responsibility, which is a communication activity preferred by institutions to establish and maintain effective communication with the target audience, also takes its place in this new communication environment. It is noteworthy that institutional social responsibility projects do not only use traditional media/mass media but also new media tools and environments to access the target audience. How the concept of social responsibility has become institutional and strategic will be explained in the literature.

It can be said that in the recent applications in the field concerned, in social responsibility projects where traditional media tools are used, new media tools and environments are also preferred. In this context, it can be said that it is not so wrong to say that in the same way these projects exist in social media tools and environments, especially under the heading of new media, it would not be wrong to suggest that there are also projects conducted only particular to these environments.

There are also institutional social responsibility projects in social media tools and environments, foremost being institutional web pages. At this point, it is seen that institutional social responsibility projects can also be reproduced in social media environments, that their messages can be regulated according to these environments and managed in this way. Therefore, this situation makes it possible to say how efficient the new media tools and environments are in conducting these projects and communicating effectively.

In this study, firstly the concept and scope of new media will be explained. In this context, important points, which are separated from traditional media will be mentioned. It will be dwelt upon which tools and environments the new media comprises. After this description, the literature will be supported with institutional social responsibility projects conducted through official web pages and social media accounts in compliance with the topic title peculiar to this study. In addition to these, it will be dwelt upon the definition of strategic institutional social responsibility projects, their quality and characteristics and how they serve in communicating with the target audience in the context of the public relations process.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Corporate Social Responsibility: It is the responsibility that institutions have and apply to the social themselves and their stakeholders (society).

New Media: It can be described as a name given to the communication environment with the opening of computer technologies and the internet for personal use.

Internet-Based Applications: Internet development and change together with the existing applications. Web refers to applications such as Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0.

Philanthropy: In general, it means assistance and support to someone or society.

Stakeholder Communication: It refers to the individuals and institutions in which institutions communicate and at the same time affect and are affected.

Social media: It refers to the communication environment in which individuals have the opportunity to produce content and communicate without time and space limits. It is one of the Internet-based applications.

Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns: It is one of the communication activities that are established and implemented within the framework of social responsibility approaches of the institutions.

Corporate Philanthropy: It can be expressed as an effort of institutions against the needy or the society.

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