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What is Learning Opportunities

Learning Cities, Town Planning, and the Creation of Livelihoods
These are avenues created for the acquisition of new skills and knowledge for optimal performance in the world of work.
Published in Chapter:
A Survey of Learning Needs of Street Vendors in Nigeria: An Appraisal of Learning Opportunities for Sustainable Livelihood
Comfort Chiegenashi Zuofa (Niger Delta University, Nigeria) and Christian Olori (University of Nigeria – Nsukka, Nigeria)
Copyright: © 2019 |Pages: 17
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8134-5.ch009
This chapter investigated the learning needs and learning opportunities of street vendors for sustainable livelihood in Nigeria. Two research questions and one null hypothesis were developed to guide the study. The study adopted a correlational survey research design. The population for the study was 6,401 street vendors. The sample size was 335. Instrument for data collection was a questionnaire titled “Learning Needs and Opportunities for Sustainable Livelihood of Street Vendors” (LNOSLSV). It was face validated by three validates. An overall reliability coefficient value of .85 was obtained using Cronbach Alpha Statistical Tool. Data collected were analyzed using the mean to answer the research questions, while the multiple regression was used to test the null hypothesis at .05 level of significance. Findings among others revealed a variety of learning needs. It was recommended that ICT facilities be strategically positioned to display the procedures for the acquisition of various skills by street vendors.
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Professionalism Competence: Its Role in Bringing About High-Value Care – A Case Study
The process of professionalism competency development requires that people within the organization are committed to learning. One purpose of medical education is to take people from novice to expert ( Miller, 1990 ). The process of moving people along this continuum is often fueled by failure, the very thing that physicians hope never happens. But it is often inevitable, and as such, it is important to process every failure, large or small, in a way that maximizes learning opportunities ( Edmondson, 2012 AU57: The citation "Edmondson, 2012" matches multiple references. Please add letters (e.g. "Smith 2000a"), or additional authors to the citation, to uniquely match references and citations. ). Organizations or institutions that maximize learning opportunities are those that leverage their failures and seek the best in their people and processes ( Senge, 1990 ).
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Assessing Authentic Intellectual Work in Mathematics Tasks
Involves the type of work (tasks and activities) that students must face to achieved knowledge.
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