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What is Social Media Presence

Encyclopedia of Strategic Leadership and Management
Social media platforms are a means to establish a digital/online identity or presence. Social media websites are characterized by the ease of communication, the collaborative value and the communication level/type (e.g. words, images, amount of content). Communications through posts, reposts, or narrative contributes to the establishment of one’s social media presence.
Published in Chapter:
A Thematic Analysis of Leadership Qualities of Women Leaders in Technology: Viewed through Social Media
Laurie O. Campbell (University of Central Florida, USA), Joshua H. Truitt (University of Central Florida, USA), Christine P. Herlihy (University of Central Florida, USA), and Jarrad D. Plante (University of Central Florida, USA)
Copyright: © 2017 |Pages: 15
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-1049-9.ch001
There is known gender disparity and inequity of women leaders in technology and STEM fields. A rapid gender decline in these burgeoning fields has sparked a national renewed interest in purposefully attracting and mentoring more women to roles in technology leadership. The gender disparity is not only in attracting young women to consider a technology or STEM career but it is in women staying engaged once they choose a career in these areas. Efforts have been made to improve the sustainability of women in technology leadership roles. Books, articles, and manuscripts have been written, formal and informal meetings and corporate awareness programs have been conducted and mentorship programs abound to attract girls to consider technology as a career choice. Further, identifying women role models has been a strategy employed to promote gender awareness. Within the chapter, the qualitative content analysis study investigates four women roles models and identifies leadership characteristics of these known women leaders in technology. It answers the following questions: What are the leadership characteristics of known women role models in technology? What do these leaders value? How do their differences impact their leadership in the field? Finally, what have they identified as propelling them towards innovation and discovery?
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