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What is Flexible Grouping

Identifying, Describing, and Developing Teachers Who Are Gifted and Talented
The process of using multiple approaches to grouping gifted learners together, which would include cluster grouping, special class grouping, and independent work opportunities.
Published in Chapter:
A Voice and a Choice: My Journey From 2x Learner to 2x Teacher
Ariel Baska (Fairfax County Public Schools, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5879-8.ch010
The author shares personal reflections on her own talent trajectory and development from childhood to adulthood. Educational background and experiences inform decision-making at every level as a teacher. This chapter attempts to unpack the lessons learned from the experience of a twice-exceptional child put into practice. Learning and reflecting on individual experiences is key to understanding these populations of learners, but not only gifted students can become teachers of the gifted or special populations of gifted learners. Teachers should not ignore research-based best practice in a blind belief in the universal transfer of personal experience for different times, different cultures, and different students. However, through personal reflection, a teacher can approach students from a different angle, hopefully to support them and share those parts of experience that might benefit them. This chapter will focus also on how these insights have shaped the author's work with gifted learners at the high school level, and will discuss commonalities found in action research with her students.
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Differentiated Instruction and Technology
When creating groups, it is not necessary to pair homogenously based strictly on the ability level. Instead, vary the groupings according to similar and dissimilar interests, learning profile, and ability.
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Differentiation for Today's Gifted Learners
A part of differentiation that allows students to be part of multiple groups depending on the purpose or intended outcome of having students work together.
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Practices in Inclusive Settings at K-12 Classrooms and Higher Education in USA
Students of diverse abilities are taught in dyads, small groups, large groups and even one-on-one.
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High-Leverage Practices for All Students
Placing students in a group according to their ability level or interest in a topic.
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