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What is Academic Language

Mentoring and Reflective Teachers in ESOL and Bilingual Education
The language needed to succeed academically. It refers to the language at word, sentence and text level that is specific to a content area (e.g. the language of Science) or to any academic learning situation (e.g. the language to summarize ideas).
Published in Chapter:
Mentoring Bilingual Teachers in Content and Language-Integrated Learning Programs Through the SIOP
Patricia Barcena-Toyos (Universidad Internacional de La Rioja, Spain)
Copyright: © 2023 |Pages: 20
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-8380-0.ch002
The chapter examines the perceptions of novice bilingual teachers about the potential use of the SIOP as a mentoring tool that can assist them in the attention to language and the integration of academic language in their lessons. The participants (n=32) were in-service teachers enrolled in a master's program on bilingual education in an online university in Spain, with little to no experience teaching in bilingual programs. Answers to a Likert-scale questionnaire showed that participants' perceptions on mentoring programs for novice teachers in bilingual settings were overall positive. Comparisons between groups did not show any differences, which led to the conclusion that despite their previous teaching experience and their training on the CLIL approach, novice teachers still feel the need of guidance in their first encounters with teaching content and language integrated, and that the SIOP can act as an effective mentoring tool where mentoring programs are not in place.
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More Results
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Preservice Teachers' Implementation of Academic Language After Engaging in Literature Circles
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Addressing the Teacher Recruitment and Retention Dilemma in Rural Settings: Preparing Teachers for Rural Poverty
The language of a discipline. When students use academic language effectively, they are likely to understand the content of the subject they are learning.
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Contextualizing Bilingualism: Emerging From the Classroom to the Community
Refers to a type of language (or the constellation of language features) most prevalent in school or academic learning (Kim, Petscher, Uccelli, & Kelcey, 2020; Schleppegrell, 2013; Bailey & Butler, 2002; Snow & Uccelli, 2009; Snow, 1983).
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Developmentally and Culturally Effective Instructional Strategies for Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Young Children
Specialized language used in formal contexts for academic subjects; the language used with literacy and academic achievement.
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Bolstering Content by Promoting Language and Literacy in the Urban Science Classroom
The language that helps students engage effectively with academic content.
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Mobile Technology Integration and English Language Learners: A Case Study
The language that is used in classroom lessons, books and tests. Students are expected to internalize these words by the end of high school.
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Translanguaging Pedagogy to Support Bi/Multilingual Students' Language Learning in Social Studies: “How We Communicate Everything”
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From Point A to Point B: Using Assessments to Chart the Path of Integrated Instruction
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