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What is Active Self-Correction

Handbook of Research on Fostering Social Justice Through Intercultural and Multilingual Communication
It is when learners correct themselves instead of a lecturer doing it. Lecturers can involve learners in self-correction to different degrees, by giving learners more or less guidance as to the location and nature of their errors, and examples of good use of language to compare their own to.
Published in Chapter:
Error Treatment in L2 Writing: Fostering Social Justice by Using Active Self-Correction With Multilingual and Multicultural Students
Eleni Meletiadou (London Metropolitan University, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-5083-3.ch001
Providing feedback is considered to be an ethical and professional responsibility of the lecturer in higher education institutions (HEI). However, students—especially low-achieving multilingual and multicultural students from minority groups—seldom make good use of the feedback and often repeat the same mistakes in subsequent writing assignments. The current study investigated the impact of lecturer e-correction (digital pen – DP) and students' active self-correction (ASC) on multilingual and multicultural undergraduate students' writing performance in a HEI in the UK. Findings indicated that self-correction improved students' writing performance. Students also found the self-correction method difficult but rewarding. The chapter provides recommendations for further research and highlights implications for theory and practice.
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