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What is Corporate World

Evaluation of Principles and Best Practices in Personalized Learning
The world of business and industry that will employ students once they have completed high school or college.
Published in Chapter:
Advantages and Disadvantages of Personalized Learning
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4237-8.ch008
In this chapter, the advantages and disadvantages of personalized learning are presented in detail. What the evidence will clearly show—as demonstrated in the following paragraphs—is that the advantages of personalized learning clearly outweigh the disadvantages. Students who participate in a personalized learning environment through high school are better equipped to manage a job—a position where they will need to practice critical thinking skills and creativity—because they are more focused and can work independently. Although it can be expensive to initially establish a personalized learning environment in a school, eventually the students will benefit and be better prepared for the job market.
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