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What is Aerobic

Handbook of Research on AI and Knowledge Engineering for Real-Time Business Intelligence
Physical activity that increases the heart rate and the body's use of oxygen. It helps improve a person's physical fitness.
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Customer Satisfaction and Retention at Fitness Centres Based on Website Quality and Service
Megha Bhushan (DIT University, India), Pankaj Kholiya (DIT University, India), and Arun Negi (Deliotte USI, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-6519-6.ch012
This research aims to test and analyses the effect of the website quality and services of a fitness center on its customer's satisfaction. It helps website and business owners to know what is more effective in terms of their service. It is conducted in AR Fitness Zone and other fitness institutes, using data from cutting edge tools. All users in the fitness center are the research samples; there are 150 people. The research was conducted with data using IBM SPSS Statistics Version 28.0 (190). The result of this research is to find out that website quality and services have a significant effect on customer satisfaction and retention. Also, the results indicate that people are more likely to respond to good service than the website quality, but when the customer is new, website representation matters a lot. It was observed that service quality has a significant effect on website quality.
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Periodisation and Dance: Planning to Optimise Performance and Ensure the Health of Dancers
It refers to the body's ability to capture, transport and use oxygen to generate energy. The greater this capacity, the more physical effort time is supported by the individual.
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Bioremediation of Pharmaceutical Wastes
A process requiring the presence of oxygen.
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Dyeing Processing Technology: Waste Effluent Generated From Dyeing and Textile Industries and Its Impact on Sustainable Environment
The treatment of water or waste water effluents by using aerobic bacteria in the presence of oxygen or air is termed as aerobic treatment process.
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Climate Change and Its Impact on Soil Fertility and Life Forms
The term aerobic means the presence of oxygen or plants growing in the existence of oxygen. The aerobic soils possess huge amounts of oxygenated air for oxidative reactions mainly of nutrient cycling and decomposition of soil organic matter.
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