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What is Allyship

Handbook of Research on Revisioning and Reconstructing Higher Education After Global Crises
The act of coming alongside a persecuted individual or group and providing effectual support, social association with persecuted others.
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Navigating Inequitable (Mis)Treatment and Racist Harassment in Higher Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Self-Decentered Autoethnographic Case
Shalin Hai-Jew (Kansas State University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-5934-8.ch011
The SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 pandemic (late 2019 to the present) brought to the fore latent and externalized forms of racism and bias and xenophobia. The author experienced a range of inequitable mistreatment and racist harassment in her workplace in higher education during this time, including from her direct supervisor who engaged in a racist microassault along with excess work assignments (the work of several individuals or multiple FTEs) during multiple years of the pandemic. This work uses a self-decentered auto-ethnography to explore practical ways to address racism and discrimination in the workplace, through clear documentation, honest in-lane reportage, and other efforts up an escalatory ladder. This work highlights the challenges of working towards a solution in a bureaucracy with a mix of apparently conflicting objectives and foremost to protect the institution against lawsuits and negative publicity.
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Fostering Allyship in Ourselves and Our Students: Findings From a Duoethnography on Social Justice in Higher Education
The process of being an ally or advocate for a minoritized individual/group or social justice issue.
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The Fierce Urgency of No: Moving From Aspirational to Operational
volunteering support on behalf of the values and experiences of marginalized groups through words and deeds that show a clear understanding of their needs.
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From War to Radical Love: A Beloved Community Approach to Postsecondary Trans Inclusion
People who do not identify as a member of a marginalized group, but actively choose to stand with and for marginalized people.
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African American Women Leaders: Leadership Requires Courage, Collaboration, Communication, and Commitment
The practice of intentionally focusing on social justice, inclusion, and human rights by members of an empowered group, to advance the interests of a marginalized group.
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Empowering Students to Fight the Power: Student Engagement in Today's Social Movements
A statement (either active or symbolic) of support for individuals holding a dominant identity or who feel an affinity toward a particular marginalized or underrepresented group.
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Examining Systems to Eradicate Barriers for Female Leaders in Higher Education
The status or role of a person who advocates and actively works for the inclusion of a marginalized or politicized group in all areas of society, not as a member of that group but in solidarity with its struggle and point of view.
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