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What is Amaurotic Pupil

The Pediatric Eye Exam Quick Reference Guide: Office and Emergency Room Procedures
A light without light perception, the involved pupil does not react to light (direct response), but will constrict when light is shined to the fellow normal eye (consensual response).
Published in Chapter:
Pupil Examination in Children
Iason Mantagos (Boston Children's Hospital, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8044-8.ch006
Pupillary evaluation is a crucial part of every pediatric eye exam. It provides information about the structure of the eye as well as the afferent and efferent function of the eyes. It remains a quick and efficient test in the ocular evaluation. This chapter reviews the relevant neuroanatomy and the different components of the pupillary exam. The light-reflex and swinging flashlight tests are reviewed, as well as how a reverse afferent pupillary defect is detected. Clinical examples and pearls are provided to help the reader better understand the different aspects of the exam.
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