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What is Investigation

Handbook of Research on the Significance of Forensic Accounting Techniques in Corporate Governance
The practice, procedure, and process to detect fraud, crimes, or scandals.
Published in Chapter:
An Assessment of Forensic Accounting Skill Competencies for Minimizing Corporate Fraud and Damages: Empirical Evidence From Chartered Accountancy Students of India
Ankur Goel (Dewan VS Group of Institutions, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8754-6.ch009
Forensic accounting is a key emerging field for strengthening the corporate sector of any economy. Forensic accountants have to be well equipped with multiple skill competencies to act as catalysts for enhancing and leveraging on the best corporate practices in terms of minimizing the possibilities of fraud, damages, scams, and scandals all around the globe. Aspiring professional accountancy students are nowadays highly inspired and motivated to build their career in forensic accounting, and also there is an immense scarcity of talented people, specifically in the Indian context in this domain. Literature demonstrates the availability of a variety of skill competencies as required for proficiency in the same domain. The author in this chapter primarily explored the multiple skill competencies with the help of secondary data and further assesses them by reducing all skills to the most basic and relevant ones with the application of factor reduction technique through SPSS after collecting the primary data (survey method) from the chartered accountancy students in Meerut City, India.
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Building Online Training Programs for Virtual Workplaces
An online training principle regarding the need to strategically and intentionally explore the efficacy of the training processes for the participants involved and, in turn, a company as a whole. Investigation also addresses the need for more empirical research about the effect of the online medium on various work processes.
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Financial Statement Fraud Detection and Investigation in Digital Environment
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The Essence and Prospects of Forensic Accounting in Developing Countries: A Systematic Literature Review
The process of making a formal inquiry into an event, a person, or a company usually in a bid to uncover missing details.
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My Campus Administration, Faculty Association, Senate, and Me: A Case Study in Academic Mobbing
An internal university procedure operating on the legal principles of a Star Chamber or kangaroo court.
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Law Enforcement
The process that a law enforcement officer uses to assess and solve a crime.
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