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What is Protection

Mobile Devices and Smart Gadgets in Human Rights
The developed system that act the main role in the human right protection.
Published in Chapter:
An Efficient System for Human Detection Using PIR Sensor and Mobile Technology
Muzamil Ahmad (The University of Agriculture, Pakistan), Muhammad Shoaib (The University of Agriculture, Pakistan), and Aizaz ul Haq (The University of Agriculture, Pakistan)
Copyright: © 2019 |Pages: 15
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-6939-8.ch010
Personal security and safety of one's property is not just one's basic need but one's basic right, too. Had it not been for this fact, there wouldn't have been any laws, law enforcement bodies, system of justice, and any question of good governance and government. Apart from these highly sophisticated means for protection of human safety in terms of physical security including health, economic security, and social security, there have been other systems in place for safety purposes. These include home, shop, or office automation, deployment of security staff, installation of CCTV cameras, buying insurance policies, and so on. However, each of these measures costs great money to the security seeker. The system presented in this chapter, based on human (and/or animal) detection using passive infrared radial (PIR) sensor and mobile technology, is a cost-effective security solution to those who cannot afford large investments in their personal and property safety.
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Advancing Arguments for Freedom From Discrimination: The Case for Sexual Minorities
To be shielded from harm or abuse; to be guaranteed rights to equal recognition and enjoyment of rights.
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Digital Tools for Urban and Architectural Heritage
Any activity that is aimed at recognising, protecting and preserving an asset of our Cultural Heritage so that it can be offered for collective knowledge and enjoyment. It is thus divided into: recognition, by the method of verification or declaration of cultural value of an asset, depending on its proprietary status; protection; conservation.
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Measurement of the Staff Resilience of the Technological Institute Lázaro Cárdenas
Action to protect or prevent a person or a thing from receiving damage or from reaching something that produces it. Help for a person or a thing to be in good condition.
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Attentiveness to the Voiceless: A Closer Valuation of Child Abuse and Neglect in the Early Childhood Years
A legal or other formal measure intended to preserve civil privileges and constitutional rights.
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Civil Society Engagement and Prevention of Human Trafficking
Measures to protect and assist the victims of human trafficking including providing them with shelter and legal advice (UN, 2000a).
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Security Policy Issues in Internet Banking in Malaysia
The process through which customers are satisfied that their personal information is sufficiently preserved by the entity collecting the information.
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