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What is Applied Ethics

Creative AI Tools and Ethical Implications in Teaching and Learning
The study of the practical application of philosophical tools to examine and provide solutions to real world morality issues.
Published in Chapter:
Ethical Considerations for Artificial Intelligence in Educational Assessments
Tristan Lim (Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore & Singapore Management University, Singapore), Swapna Gottipati (Singapore Management University, Singapore), and Michelle L. F. Cheong (Singapore Management University, Singapore)
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-0205-7.ch003
In the vital context of education, the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to assessments necessitates a nuanced examination of the boundaries between ethically permissible and impermissible practices. In this chapter, the authors applied a systematic literature mapping methodology to scour extant research, so as to holistically structure the landscape into explicit topical research clusters. Through topic modelling and network analyses, research mapped key ethical principles to different assessment phases in a triadic ontological framework. The chapter looks to provide researchers and practitioners the insights into the ethical challenges that exist across an end-to-end assessment pipeline.
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Ethical Theories and Computer Ethics
“ The term ‘applied ethics’ and its synonym ‘practical ethics’ came into use in the 1970s when philosophers and other academics began to address pressing moral problems in society and in professional ethics (especially medical ethics and business ethics). Prominent examples, then and now, are abortion, euthanasia, the protection of human and animal subjects in research, racism, sexism, affirmative action, acceptable risk in the workplace, the legal enforcement of morality, civil disobedience, unjust war, and the privacy of information.” ( Beauchamp 2003 , p. 1)
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Ethics of Biomedical and Information Technologies
Concerns what is “good” or “right” in a specific field, as business, biomedicine, information.
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Rethinking Ethics Education in Business Schools in the Post-Financial Crisis Epoch: An Icelandic Perspective
An approach to dealing with moral choice, which involves a particular issue and a set of possible solutions to that issue.
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The Emerging Field of Technoethics
A branch of philosophy concerned with the use of ethical values within society.
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Bridging the Foundational Gap between Theory and Practice: The Paradigm on the Evolution of Business Ethics to Business Law
The field of ethics the deals with ethical questions in many fields such as technical, legal, business and medical ethics.
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