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What is Online Reviews

Globalized Consumer Insights in the Digital Era
Reviews give on an electronic platform which is assed by the potential customer before buying the product.
Published in Chapter:
Negative Consumer Engagement via Food Delivery Applications: A Real Concern for Generation Z?
Nikita Mariam Varughese (Christ University, India) and Mary Rani Thomas (Christ University, India)
Copyright: © 2024 |Pages: 23
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-3811-7.ch006
The traits of Generation Z are notable for how they define and reshape themselves in the 21st century. The current study investigates the factors that Generation Z users consider when deciding on a food application. The respondents in the current study were divided into working and nonworking groups, and the results imply that since college students are still supported financially by their parents or guardians, their main concerns are higher discounts, prices, and quantities. An in-depth and semi-structured questionnaire was addressed to both groups of 15 respondents belonging to Generation Z. The stakeholders who would benefit from this research would primarily be online delivery restaurants, food application developers, academic researchers, and Generation Z cohorts.
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More Results
Are Online Reviews Helpful for Consumers?: Big Data Evidence From Services Industry
A review of a product or service made by a consumer who has experienced a service or purchased a product.
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The Significance of Online Reviews for Hotel Entrepreneurial Success
Evaluations posted online on diverse platforms by consumers who have used or experienced a product or services.
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Recommending Rating Values on Reviews for Designers
Reviews written online by consumers who have experience to comment on the product or service delivers on its promises.
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Analysis of Online Hotel Reviews During the COVID-19 Pandemic Using Topic Modeling
It is a review of a product or service where it reflects the opinions and experiences of a customer purchasing a product or service.
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Factors Influencing Purchase Intention of Online Shopping Customers: A Review of the Existing Literature
Online reviews are evaluations or feedback provided by customers about products, services, or experiences they have encountered. These reviews are typically posted on e-commerce platforms, social media, or dedicated review websites and play a significant role in influencing purchase decisions.
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