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What is Artificial Intelligence Assistant (AI Assistant)

Handbook of Research on Lifestyle Sustainability and Management Solutions Using AI, Big Data Analytics, and Visualization
AI Assistant is a virtual assistant which is built using Natural Language Processing.
Published in Chapter:
Self-Maintained Health Surveillance Artificial Intelligence Assistant
Helly Yogeshkumar Raval (Ganpat University, India), Satyen M. Parikh (Ganpat University, India), and Hiral R. Patel (Ganpat University, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8786-7.ch010
Artificial intelligence assistant is a program and software that can interact with the user in natural language or with voice or in picture format. After the pandemic situation, people are highly worried about their health. People are not usually aware of all medications or symptoms of diseases. Undernutrition can lower immunity, increase the risk of illness, affect physical and mental growth, and decrease productivity. Issues of this kind may be resolved by providing suitable advice on healthy living with medical chatbots. Chatbots may be used to calorie count, check the quantity of water a person has taken, monitor the schedule of sleep, and maintain training records. They might offer various healthy meal recipes, remind individuals of taking medication, or advise a doctor. Finally, chatbots are able to provide inspiring and motivating phrases to increase self-esteem and attitude.
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