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What is Arts-Based Research

Interrogating Race and Racism in Postsecondary Language Classrooms
Research methods that utilize multimodal forms art as a mode of expression, interpretation and/or data collection.
Published in Chapter:
Belonging and Legitimacy for French Language Teachers: A Visual Analysis of Raciolinguistic Discourses
Mimi Masson (Université de Sherbrooke, Canada) and Simone Ellene Cote (Independent Researcher, Canada)
Copyright: © 2024 |Pages: 34
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-9029-7.ch006
With the ongoing French as a second language (FSL) teacher shortage crisis driving multi-million-dollar expenditures from governments, professional associations, and school boards, little attention has turned towards identifying systemic issues, rooted in racial ideologies, which may be impacting FSL teachers' desire to stay (or even enter) into the profession. In this chapter, using visual narratives and arts-based research methods, the authors applied LangCrit and raciolingusitics to examine future FSL teachers' discourses about French as a language/culture and learning French and teaching French. The data collected over a year, showcasing three participants, reveal the vastly different positionalities entrenched in complex interactions with language standard ideologies, native-speakerism, colonialism and racism. The authors ask, then, how stakeholders and teacher education programs might account for these differing lived realities when it comes to recruiting and preparing future FSL teachers for long-term success in the profession.
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Memories of the Cruel Radiance: The Lost Art of Autopathography
Arts-Based Research positions the arts as a means of investigation, valuing contingency and attention to the materiality of practice.
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Dispossession of Land Cultures: Women and Property Tenure Among Lowcountry Heirs in the Gullah Geechee Corridor
Arts-based research is typically distinguished by any systematic research process that involves artistic or creative representation of data or methods used for data analyses of a phenomenon versus research forms that simply use arts products as data. Arts-based research is often framed by larger epistemological views of artistic knowing, aesthetic, and/or artistic inquiry and may involve the nature of art or creation.
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Dancing with the Data: Arts-Based Qualitative Research
Research utilizing the arts in the collection, analysis and/or dissemination of data. Arts-based research can stand alone as a methodology or be combined with other perspectives.
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Creating Space for Care: Sustaining the Emotional Self in Higher Education
Research that utilizes the process of art-making and/or artistic products as forms of data.
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