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What is Attunement

The Role of Child Life Specialists in Community Settings
Resonating with the inner world and needs of another person.
Published in Chapter:
Therapeutic Photography
Megan Ribbens (Through Their Eyes, South Africa)
Copyright: © 2023 |Pages: 26
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-5097-0.ch010
As the child life profession extends beyond the hospital setting, new opportunities unfold to utilize the profession's strengths of empowering children and families through stressful life experiences. This chapter proposes that therapeutic photography is a fitting and effective tool to be used in any child life setting to promote well-being and describes Through Their Eyes, a child life practice centered on therapeutic photography in a non-traditional setting in South Africa. Differentiations are made between therapeutic photography and phototherapy and therapeutic photography is expounded. The underpinning framework of therapeutic photography with a child life scope of practice is outlined and the therapeutic photography program, Through Their Eyes, is explained. Outcomes give evidence of the ways therapeutic photography programs can connect us to ourselves and to each other, strengthening sense of self, relationships, and family function.
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A Radical More-Than-Human Intersectionality in Ecologically Compromised Times: Toward an Attunement to Nonhumans and Indigenous Knowledges
Attunement pertains to the manner, or mood, in which we orient ourselves toward the world. It calls on us to tune into our surroundings, to be intuitively and emotionally aware of the world, which in turn defines our existence.
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Mindfulness in PK-12 Classrooms as a Means to Promote Emotion Regulation
Recognizing emotions and needs of others and responding appropriately.
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Heart-Based Teaching: A Mindfulness Program for Preservice Teachers
The capacity to be aware of the emotions of others by reading facial expression, body language, and voice tone. Individuals with such capacity are often skilled in responding to the emotional states of others.
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